The Clean Start



  • 10 day meal plan designed by a Holistic Nutritionist & Naturopathic Doctor-in-training
  • Satiating recipes, completely gluten + dairy free, but not free of flavour
  • Clean eats guide: a complete grocery list made for your meals, so you don’t have to
  • Basic supplement guide to amp up The Clean Start & get you feeling energized + lean
  • Do-able lifestyle recommendations to enhance the effects of The Clean Start
  • Superfood guide to nourish you with the most nutrient-dense foods during the 10 days + beyond!
  • Beauty guide to help you understand what toxic chemicals might be lingering in your cabinets + cupboards that might be interfering with your ability to lose weight, balance your hormones, or digest better
  • Your ticket to joining The Clean Start’s private Facebook group with like-minded individuals conquering their health goals, just like you!
  • Personalized emails when you’re just not sure or need some extra support
What People Are Saying About The Clean Start Program
The Clean Start Program was extremely helpful for both my husband and I. The information was extremely valuable in reinforcing our purpose to undertake this program at this time and for future purposes. Recipes were delicious for the most part and several will be incorporated into our daily meals. Thank you for providing us with this wonderful support package and for your personal support on a daily basis.
The Clean Start program gave me a kickstart to changing my diet through proper nutrition and mindful eating. The meal plan was filled with a variety of recipe options that were flavourful, easy to prepare and left me feeling completely satisfied. I feel more energized, have better digestive health and lost a few pounds along the way. Thanks Samantha, for your continuous support, sharing of knowledge and words of encouragement throughout this journey.
What a fabulous experience that not only helped us cleanse our system and feel significantly better, but provided us invaluable information on healthier eating habits and products as well as beauty and household products. A must do for everyone!
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